Ultrahuman Ring Air

The world’s most comfortable and compact smart ring that monitors your sleep, movement and recovery. Now available in South Africa.
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The universe on your finger

The Ring AIR captures sleep performance, skin temperature tracking and aligns this against your body's circadian rhythm encouraging a more active you. Additionally maximise recovery with HRV insights, where a correlation with recovery is pivotal to understanding the body's recuperative capabilities.


    “Ultrahuman Ring puts a metabolism tracker on your finger”


    “This smart ring aims to ‘hack’ your metabolism”


    "Once you've had a taster of this kind of data access it can be addictive"

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What size are you?

It's important to get your sizing correct. Find out more by exploring our dedicated section on sizing.

Sizing Guide

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Ultrahuman M1, a continuous metabolic fitness tracker, helps you measure the impact of food and activity on your body in real time through glucose as a biomarker. Using the M1 you will be able to improve your diet and exercise based on real-time measurements.

Using the M1 you are able to track your glucose in real time, and maximise your diet and exercise.

Additionally get activity nudges via your smartphone when your glucose levels rise or dip.

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Get in touch

Reach out to the My Ultra Life team if you have any questions, or check out ultrahuman.com for more information. We operate from Cape Town and Johannesburg.


How do I choose the right ring size for me?

If you're uncertain about your Ultrahuman Ring AIR size, we recommend opting for the sizing kit that we'll promptly dispatch it upon placing a Ring order. The sizing kit includes high-quality plastic ring sizers ranging from sizes 5 to 14. Please note that Ultrahuman Ring AIR sizes may differ slightly from standard ring sizes, and we don't offer half sizes. See Sizing Page.

Do you accept instalment payments?

Yes, we have included Happy Pay in the checkout options.

Do you have warranty?

Yes, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is covered by a limited warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty period lasts for one year from the date of delivery.

My ring is defective. What do I do?

Please reach out to the Customer Service chat / Ultrahuman Support on the app and raise the concern there as Step 1. You may then email us at support@myultra.life with your ticket thread after so we can help you track and escalate with the team as needed.

Which finger is optimal for wearing the ring?

We suggest wearing the ring on your index, middle, or ring finger. The ultimate choice among these depends on which finger provides the most comfortable fit or aligns with your personal preference.

What is the battery life of the ring?

When fully charged, the ring is designed to operate 4 - 6 days dependent on an individuals usage conditions.

Which devices are compatible with the ring?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is designed to seamlessly interface with iPhones operating on iOS 14 or newer, as well as Android devices functioning on Android 6 or subsequent versions.

What is Ultrahuman Ring AIR made of?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is meticulously crafted from durable titanium and further reinforced with a tungsten carbide coating, augmenting its resilience for everyday activities.

How does the ring capture and measure body signals?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR employs an array of sensors, including a temperature sensor, a PPG (photoplethysmography) sensor, and a motion-sensing IMU (inertial measurement unit). By capturing signals from your finger, these sensors enable the ring to collect vital data. These signals are then processed using advanced algorithms, developed by Ultrahuman, to provide you with profound metabolic insights and a comprehensive understanding of your body's dynamics.

How does the Ultrahuman Ring AIR distinguish itself from other consumer wearable devices?

Unlike many consumer wearables, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR focuses specifically on providing insights into factors that influence our body's metabolism. It goes beyond traditional tracking by measuring key aspects such as sleep quality, sleep zones, stress levels (through HRV), and activity distribution. The distinctive feature lies in its capability to not only collect data but also correlate it with real-time nudges and insights, enabling users to make informed decisions for enhancing their metabolic health.