About Us

We are all passionate about health and wellness, and stumbled across Ultrahuman at the same time. Our shared interest brought us together to bring you My Ultra Life, and we hope you will join us on the journey.

Lolo & Dave

Lolo and Dave co-run The Sneaker Shack, and through their shared passion for exceptional services and health, are launching My Ultra Life. The intention is to continue to offer value to its existing customer base, who are already conscious of looking after their assets, and likely their health.


Taking passion for health and wellness to the next level, Jaryd is your go to person for all things things related. His credentials are vast, from high performance coach by day, and leading Peak Athletics while equally being competitive across all athletic fields. He has extensive knowledge through testing all wearables, and is passionate about bring Ultrahuman to market in South Africa.

Ultrahuman Ring AIR ®

The world’s most comfortable and compact smart ring that monitors your sleep, movement and recovery.

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